CT Nutrition Consulting Packages and Fees

Services are provided on an individual basis by appointment only. Information is presented and developed specific to each individual.

Initial Consultation:

A one hour appointment to identify and begin addressing your nutritional goals based on your medical conditions and history, family medical history, medications, laboratory data, physical activity and anthropometric measurements.

Follow-up visits:

An appointment to provide support and re-evaluate in order to fulfill your nutritional goals.


  • Initial consultation $150.00
  • Follow-up visit (One hour) $120.00
  • Follow-up visit (Half hour) $50.00
  • Nutritional Analysis (5 days) $75.00
  • RMR Test $50.00
  • Premium Package (includes all services listed above with one hour follow-up) $275.00

Insurance coverage:

Check with your insurance to confirm coverage.